What to Eat When You Move Abroad

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Food glorious food!


One of the hardest stumbling blocks I have come across since moving abroad is how to eat healthily, without breaking the bank and overspending in a short space of time.


If you move to a part of the world that is famous for tourism, it’s all too easy to fall into the chips and bread trap, as I call it. For the first four days of my time here, I lived on chips, and after that time I felt that bloated and full, I was desperate for a salad. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I do not crave salad at any time in my life!


Act like a local

The key to staying within budget and not becoming mal-nourished is to eat the way the locals would. By that, I’m taking going to restaurants away from the normal tourism streets, where you will not only eat plentifully and with fresh ingredients, but you will also save money, because tourism prices are infinitely higher than resident prices. This is something I’ve quickly discovered!


Remember you’re not on holiday

It’s easy to jump straight into holiday mode when you first leave and set up home in a foreign land, but if you carry on in that vein you’ll be home within weeks, penniless and within your tail between your legs. Allow yourself a few days of blow out, but then remember that you have to continue to live in this place, and you can’t live on fresh air.


Eat in, drink out

I’ve fallen into the pattern of eating in, and then going out for a few drinks with my friends later on in the evening. If you think about it, food is more expensive than drink, if you pick the cheaper drinks that is, so eliminating the more expensive part and paying for the cheaper makes perfect sense. Eat in, drink out – that’s my motto.


Shop on the markets for fresh produce

Cooking with fresh ingredients is not only better for you, tastier, and lasts longer, but it’s also cheaper. Head to the markets and stock up on the fresh stuff, use it, and you’ll find that you can make several meals from one shopping trip.


Make use of drinks offers

I’m living in a tourist resort, so as season kicks in, I’m finding buy one get one free offers are springing up everywhere. I’m making full use of them and getting my money’s worth!


Find a friend and cook together

If you’re travelling with a friend, or if you meet a likeminded soul, why not share the cost of cooking and take it in turns. This means you can half the cost of buying meat etc, and you don’t spend as much, whilst getting a nutritious and full meal into you! Meals in with a cheap bottle of wine can be just as fun as a night out in a restaurant, provided you still get yourself out and about every few days.


Limit your nights out

I’m working on a night in, night out basis, and that way I spend half as much, and I’m still a social butterfly.

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